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Driving Habits & Fuel Costs

If you are wondering how your specific driving habits and fuel costs impact the environment and your wallet, this is the tool for you.

Enter your location, weekly miles and local price of fuel to have your vehicle search results, incentives, fuel costs and annual smog and greenhouse gas emissions calculated more specifically to your driving habits and region. You can then compare more precisely the potential costs, savings, and environmental impact between vehicles you are considering, or explore the impact on your budget as fuel prices fluctuate.

Calculations are based upon estimated EPA fuel economy that is typical for each vehicle, and the miles and fuel prices you enter here.

Weekly City Miles:
Weekly Highway Miles
Gasoline Cost/Gallon:
CNG Cost/GGE*:
E-85 Cost/Gallon:
Diesel Cost/Gallon:
Bio-Diesel Cost/Gallon:
*Gallon Gasoline Equivalent.

Find Clean Vehicles

Slide arrows to view vehicles by rating. Rating of seven or higher are the cleanest.

Greenhouse Gas

Smog Rating

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