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Most people know that clean technology and alternative fuel vehicles can be good for the environment, but what may not be so well known are the benefits, conveniences and savings that often go along with driving clean. The new Fuel Economy and Environment Label helps you easily compare which vehicles have the best fuel economy, and the fewest greenhouse gas and smog emissions.

Better Warranties

Vehicles that have a Smog Rating of 9 (also known as “PZEV” or “AT PZEV”) in California come with a 15 year/150,000 mile warranty on the emissions system. Auto manufacturers are required by the California Air Resources Board to offer this warranty in order to guarantee that these vehicles will be as clean in 15 years as they were the day they were purchased. There are a large variety of models with these great warranties starting with the 2000 model year and ranging in technologies from standard gasoline vehicles, to hybrids and compressed natural gas vehicles.

Greater Efficiency

Vehicles with higher Greenhouse Gas Ratings tend to burn less fuel, saving you money. Greater efficiency also comes with certain technologies. Most hybrid electric vehicles are more efficient than their non-hybrid counterparts, and battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are both extremely efficient technologies.

Financial Incentives

Rebates, discounts, tax breaks and other incentives are common to alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles. City and County governments and utilities throughout California often have programs that encourage the use of clean vehicles in their jurisdictions. Private organizations, such as some insurance companies and large corporations are also known to provide discounts, rebates and other perks to support the reduction of greenhouse gas and smog pollution. The Federal government offers tax breaks for vehicles meeting certain criteria, and the State of California has provided several rebate programs, and has allowed single-occupant HOV lane access for certain clean technology vehicles.

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Whether it's the ability to drive in the HOV lane with just one occupant, free parking, or free vehicle charging, simple conveniences such as these are nice to have, and they are unique to clean technology vehicles.

> Search for incentives offered in your area.

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