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California Drivers

The links provided below will help California drivers find answers to common transportation related needs.

Clean Vehicle Perks & Incentives

Single-Occupant HOV Lane Use:



Federal, State and Local Incentives (CARB)
Find rebates, discounts, tax breaks and other incentives available in your area for clean technology vehicles. Search by technology, incentive type, City or zip code.

Hybrid Exemption from Initial Smog Check (BAR)
Understand California's smog check policy for hybrid-electric vehicles.

Voluntary Accelerated Vehicle Retirement Program (CARB)
Learn about the car scrappage or old vehicle buy back program that provides monetary or other incentives to vehicle owners to voluntarily retire their older, more polluting vehicle.

Consumer Assistance Program (BAR)
Learn about BAR's vehicle repair assistance and vehicle retirement program. Californians can receive $1,000 for unwanted vehicles at any time for any reason. Download the application here.

Policies & Process

Bringing an Out of State Vehicle to California (CARB)
Be aware of certain restrictions when buying a vehicle out of state and bringing it back into California.

Report a Gross Polluting Vehicle (CARB)
Report a gross polluting vehicle through ARB's Complaint Program which conducts special investigations of air pollution complaints from all over the state of California, monitors the ARB's complaint hotline and informs Air Pollution Control Districts of possible violations of district rules and assists in conducting selected complaint investigations.

Smog Check FAQs (BAR)
Find answers to questions you have about smog requirements for your vehicle.

Requirements for Aftermarket, Performance and Add-on Parts (CARB)
Find out about California's requirements for vehicle manufacturers to develop engine and emission equipment systems that reduce the specific pollutants that cause California's severe air quality problem.

Guides & Resources

Plug-in Electric Vehicle Resource Center
Visit California's new resource dedicated completely to vehicles that plug in.

Consumer's Guide to Automotive Repair in California (BAR)
Get tips to help you keep your vehicle in good condition and ensure a good working relationship with your auto repair shop.

Directories & Email Lists Email List
Join's e-mail list to receive updates when new features or information have been added to the website.

Other Email Lists
Join an ARB e-mail list to receive updates about ARB programs you are interested in.

Directory of Local Air Districts
Learn how to contact your local air quality management district.

Vehicle Safety
Visit the nation's source of vehicle safety information from the government, serving the public interest.

DriveClean on Facebook
Stay in touch with new advanced clean and efficient cars coming to market when you become a friend of DriveClean on Facebook. We'll let you know what new hybrid, plug-in hybrid, battery electric, and alternative fuel vehicles are headed to dealerships, new incentives that are being offered, and changes in the marketplace that are making it easier for you to Drive Clean.



Find Clean Vehicles

Slide arrows to view vehicles by rating. Rating of seven or higher are the cleanest.

Greenhouse Gas

Smog Rating

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