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Search & Explore

Drive Clean gives you a variety of tools for finding the clean car that is right for you. Whether you are looking for a specific make and model, vehicle category such as an SUV or sports car, a specific technology or fuel type , or for a car that has a certain Smog Rating or Greenhouse Gas Rating. No matter what tool you use, you should find a clean car that fits your lifestyle.

Make / Model

Search by year, make or model and find the cleanest, most efficient vehicle options for your family or see how your car rates when it comes to smog and greenhouse gas pollution. Learn More >

Vehicle Categories

If you are shopping for a certain size or style of car, such as an SUV or sports car, then Search by Vehicle Category is the tool for you. Learn More >

Technologies & Fuel Types

Consumers have more choices now than ever before when it comes to clean and efficient vehicles. Although gasoline still dominates, new hybrid technologies, alternative fuel vehicles and advanced emission control systems allow the cars we drive today to be significantly cleaner. Learn More >

Smog Rating

If you are looking for cars that meet the strictest smog-forming emission standards in California, this tool allows you to search and compare vehicles by their Smog Rating

Greenhouse Gas Rating

If you are looking for a car that will reduce your carbon footprint or save you money at the gas pump, use this tool to search and compare vehicles by their Greenhouse Gas Rating

Find Clean Vehicles

Slide arrows to view vehicles by rating. Rating of seven or higher are the cleanest.

Greenhouse Gas

Smog Rating

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