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While all California cars have advanced emission control systems, some gasoline vehicles are designed to meet California's strictest smog-forming emissions standards. To find these cars, look for a Smog Rating of 9 on the Fuel Economy and Environment Label. These cars also come with other benefits such as a 15 year/150,000 mile warranty on the emissions control system and have zero evaporative emissions.

While some gasoline cars have lower smog-forming emission, others are optimized to burn less fuel. These cars may not have lower smog emissions, but they will have reduced greenhouse gas emissions giving them a higher Greenhouse Gas Rating.

How it Works

Automakers are continually finding new technologies that improve their vehicles. Tremendous benefits have resulted alone by industry's ability to simplify, refine, and reduce the costs of their emission control systems. The cleanest gasoline vehicles are primarily four cylinder engines, however there are some five and six cylinder models available. Many of these cars utilize various combinations of multiple catalysts, several oxygen sensors, exhaust gas recirculation, and an air pump.


Many of your favorite makes and models are available with advanced emissions control systems that are able to achieve a Smog Rating of 9 out of 10. Search by Smog Rating to find the large variety of these cleanest gasoline cars available.


Clean gasoline cars don't necessarily cost more, and they often come with a great warranty. If the vehicle has a Smog Rating of 9, then this is what California calls a "PZEV" and it comes with a 15 year / 150,000 mile warranty on the emissions system.


While many gasoline cars are becoming cleaner for the environment, it's typically the alternatively fueled vehicles that qualify for incentives. To find cars that do have incentives, go to the incentives search.

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