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Why Drive Clean

Californians drive 825 million miles every day – producing 5.4 million tons of smog forming pollutants and more than 350,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions daily. Since more than 50% of California's total smog pollution and 38% greenhouse gas pollution comes from motor vehicles - your car is a good place to start cleaning things up. If that’s not bad enough, more than 95% of Californians live in areas that fail to meet federal or state air quality standards - a rapidly increasing health hazard to you, your children, their children, and so on.

California and the world are already seeing the impacts of climate change – rising sea levels, shrinking snowpack, extreme drought and increased wildfires, threatened cultures and other dangers. We need to begin now to avoid more substantial, more disruptive and more expensive change in the future.

You can make a difference now by driving vehicles that pollute less. Whether you want to reduce your carbon footprint, save money or just contribute less to that nasty smog, is your buying guide to the cleanest, most efficient cars on the market. There are so many clean options to choose from, and it's easy to find them with the new Fuel Economy and Environment Label.

Explore the web site and learn about the great benefits and incentives clean vehicles offer, look up incentives in your specific region, or search and compare vehicles by make / model, vehicle category, technologies & fuel types, Smog Rating, Greenhouse Gas Rating or engine test group number.

Think clean and buy vehicles with higher ratings.

Find Clean Vehicles

Slide arrows to view vehicles by rating. Rating of seven or higher are the cleanest.

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