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The PEV Resource Center is a microsite of the California Air Resources Board's website, developed to provide more in-depth information specifically for plug-in electric vehicles in order raise awareness and demand for PEVs. The PEV Resource Center was created in partnership with the California Plug-in Electric Vehicle Collaborative.

The intent of this microsite is to be a comprehensive and impartial source of information to help various audience groups better understand plug-in electric drive technology and to provide car buyers with the information they need to purchase and own a PEV. The PEV Resource Center aims to provide clear, concise, accurate, and unbiased information to facilitate PEV market growth and achieve well established air quality, climate, and energy goals.

Information and resources are developed to educate a variety of audiences, including consumers, local government officials, policymakers, fleet managers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), auto dealers, business owners, electricians, first responders, and the media

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