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Home Charging

Evidence shows that most charging occurs at home, at night.  The benefits of home charging include:

  • The convenience of fueling while asleep
  • Lower cost of night-time, off-peak electric fuel
  • A full “tank” every morning!


Every new PEV comes with a Level 1 (120-Volt) portable charging device, and home charging simply requires access to a standard household outlet with available capacity. If you determine that Level 2 (240-Volt) charging is a better fit in order to charge your car faster, you will need to select from a number of different chargers and have it installed by a professional electrician.  Some areas have incentives for the purchase and or installation of charging equipment so make sure to do your research to see if there’s anything in your area for the car you are considering.

Mulit-Unit Dwellings

If you live in an apartment complex, condominium or another kind of multi-unit dwelling (MuD), you can rest assured that PEV charging as a shared community resource is a growing trend. While setting up charging in MuDs may require creative, cooperative problem solving with property owners and management, the rewards are worth the effort.


Source: How do Multi-Unit Dwellings Become PEV Ready?


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