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Selecting a Charger

To begin the process of selecting charging equipment, consult with your PEV manufacturer, PEV auto dealer or local utility for advice on charging needs at home, the installation process and to learn about what incentives are available.  This will help you determine whether Level 1 or Level 2 charging will meet your needs.  If you decide to install Level 2 charging equipment, you can begin to research the model you want to purchase.

PEV manufacturers may recommend certain charging equipment for their cars, or have partnerships with charging equipment manufacturers, retailers or installation providers.  However, you can also choose your own model from the many types of charging equipment on the market. The cost generally ranges from $500 to $1,500.

PEV manufacturer partnerships

Some auto makers have partnerships with charging equimpent manufacturers. Here are some examples:


Charger Models

Many manufacturers offer PEV charging equipment, allowing PEV drivers to choose among a number of different brands. Just be sure to select UL or ETL listed products that have met the proper construction, performance and safety requirements.  Below are good resources for seeing a complete list of charging equipment available.

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