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Public & Workplace Charging

Find Public Charging Stations

While the majority of PEV charging happens at home, the growing network of public and workplace charging locations allows for a multitude of places PEV drivers can “top off”.

Public Charging

Public charging stations are available today at public parking lots, retail chains, tourist destinations, entertainment venues, and airports.

Many are free or available through free programs such as "No Charge to Charge" or are offered at affordable prices, usually much less than the cost of gasoline.

Faster options for PEV charging is now availalbe through a robust and growing network of DC Fast Chargers and Super Chargers that provide even greater flexibility in range by refueling a PEV up to 80% in approximately 30 minutes. 

Source: How do Multi-Unit Dwellings Become PEV Ready?

Charging at Work

Workplace charging is the second most frequent venue that PEV drivers are likely to use to recharge. Many employers have either Level 1 and/or Level 2 charging opportunities.  Companies such as Google, Apple, NetFlix and electric utilities throughout California have already installed hundreds of Level 2 charging stations for employees to use at their worksites.

For more information about workplace charging visit the Plug-in Electric Vehicle Collaborative resources for workplace charging. There you will find case studies and a number of helpful decision guides and best practices.

Source: Workplace Charging: Why and How?


If you are a business that wants to offer your customers or your employees the benefit of charging, check out our resource for businesses.

Smart Phone Apps

A growing set of smart phone apps are enabling PEV drivers to plan, monitor, and program charging. PEV drivers can use these apps to find public charging stations, in some cases even reserve a spot and get notified if charging is interrupted.


Source: PEV Charging: Where and When?

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