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US Department of Energy

Electricity Related Publications
The Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center (AFDC) provides electricity-related publications, reports, and newsletters.

Hybrid and Plug-in Electric Vehicles Fact Sheet
Understand how electric drive vehicles function, and the differences between hybrid, plug-in hybrid and all electric vehicles.

Plug-in Electric Vehicle Handbook
A handbook about plug-in electric vehicles designed to answer basic questions and point readers to additional information needed to make the best decision.

CA Air Resources Board

California’s Advanced Clean Cars Program
[English] [Spanish]
Understand¬how California’s emission rules for cars and trucks will help clean our air, fight climate change and provide cars that save consumers thousands of dollars at the pump.

California Clean Vehicle Incentives
Learn about California’s clean vehicle incentives, what vehicles qualify and why.

Advanced Technology Vehicle Guide
Learn about the different types of advanced technology vehicles and how they work.

California Plug-in Electric Vehicle Collaborative

Taking Charge
Establishing California Leadership in the Plug-in Electric Vehicle Marketplace.

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Other Factsheets

Plugging In-A Consumer’s Guide to the Electric Vehicle
A basic introduction to EVs by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).


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