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How PEVs Benefit You

As PEV owners across the country have discovered, driving a PEV is an exhilarating experience. Here are a few of the advantages PEV drivers are talking about:

Save Green by Being Green

With lower fuel costs (electricity vs. gasoline) and lower maintenance costs, PEVs cost less to own over their lifetimes than comparable gasoline vehicles.

Feel the Power

PEVs are Fast off the Line: PEV drivers get high performance, smooth acceleration, great torque and quiet comfort from their vehicles. This is not your grandfather’s golf cart! A PEV is a high-performance, cost-effective and satisfying choice for consumers.

Fuel Anywhere

Your fueling station is as close as the nearest electrical outlet. PEVs come equipped with a charger cord that can plug into a standard wall socket. Plus, and extensive network of publicly accessible PEV charging stations is under construction in California. With the help of several new smart phone apps, you can find a charging station and even reserve a spot. Many businesses are setting up work place charging stations for their employees. And, California’s already clean electric grid will become even cleaner over time, as more renewable energy is added to the fuel mix, improving PEVs’ air quality benefit.

Fuel Anytime

PEV owners have the luxury of choosing when, and where, to plug in, similar to how you recharge your cell phone or laptop. Most often drivers recharge their PEVs at home, at night. No more wandering around looking for the cheapest price for gasoline! PEVs can be programmed to automatically start charging at the best times to take advantage of the lowest, off-peak electric rates offered by many California electric utilities.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

PEVs significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and cut down on air pollution, even after emissions from the generation of electricity are factored in. The contributions of PEVs to reducting air pollution will only increase as more renewable energy is added to California’s electric grid. California leads the nation in air quality and climate change policies, so it is no surprise that the state also leads in PEV sales.

Support Energy Independence

Gasoline production relies heavily on imported oil, while most of the electricity used in the United States is generated from domestic fuel sources. PEV drivers help reduce our dependence on foreign oil by spending their hard-earned dollars on fuel that is produced mainly in the U.S.

Be a Trendsetter

Current PEV owners are the best sales people for PEVs. They enjoy the bragging rights that come with driving a state-of-the-art plug-in electric vehicle. New trends often originate in California and PEVs are no exception.

Enjoy the Perks of Being a California PEV Leader

Leadership has its advantages and for many PEV drivers that means preferential and/or free parking, discounts on auto insurance, access to high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes, purchase incentives, and the “thumbs up” sign from other motorists.

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