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Battery Electric Vehicles

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Pure Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) run on electricity stored in batteries and have an electric motor rather than a gasoline engine. These are full size cars that drive like a regular gasoline car, but have substantial other benefits.

BEVs are powerful, with smooth acceleration, great torque and a quiet drive. They can be charged anywhere, anytime, and at a much cheaper cost than gasoline.

BEV Characteristics


Electric motor / battery only


Recharge with electricity


BEVs can travel between 70 – 100 miles (some go even further) on a full charge. Most Californians travel less than 40 miles per day.


Time: Full size BEVs take about 4-6 hours to fully charge using a 220-volt charger.

Charger Type: A 220-volt charger can be used for fastest home charging, but all PEVs can also charge from a 120-volt outlet.

Cost: BEVs typically cost about $1 per gallon equivalent (when charged during off-peak hours at 10₵ kWh).


BEVs on the market today typically have lithium ion batteries that are between 24kWh – 36 kWh in size.


BEVs are zero emission vehicles. The only emissions are from utility generation mix.

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