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Investigate Vehicle Rebates & Tax Credits

Federal Tax Credit
up to $7,500


Determine if your PEV is eligible for this credit, and for how much. If you lease, this credit will be rolled into your lease price. If you purchase, you can apply for the credit at tax time.

TIP: See our breakdown of current PEV model costs after rebates and tax credits.

IRS Website

Tax form 8936

Qualified Plug-in Electric Drive Motor Vehicle Credit

CA Clean Vehicle Rebate Project
up to $2,500


Determine if rebates are still available, if your car is eligible, and review the applicant requirements. New BEVs can receive up to $2,500, and new PHEVs up to $1,500.

TIP: When buying your car, use the dealer's computer or a mobile phone to complete the CVRP application on line at the end of the transaction to get in the queue as soon as possible.

CVRP Website

Eligible Vehicles

Local Incentives

Search PEV incentives by zipcode to find out if your area offers additional incentives for clean vehicles.

Incentives Search

Look at Your Charging Options

Home Charging

Investigate the best home charging setup for you (either Level 1 outlet or Level 2 charging). Many PHEVs only need Level 1, but if you need Level 2 charging, be sure to coordinate with your auto dealer, electric utility or with your own electrician.

Charging Basics

Home Charging

Selecting a Level 2 Charger

Installing a Level 2 Charger

Charging Infrastructure Rebates

Determine what charging rebate programs are available in your area, if your PEV qualifies, and when you can apply. Some programs even offer free charging equipment and installation.

TIP: Some of rebate programs may be coordinated through your auto dealer, so be sure to ask at the time of purchase.

Incentives Search

Public & Workplace Charging

Find out if there is PEV charging at your workplace, and search public charging stations in your area to get a sense for your charging options outside your own home.

Public & Workplace Charging

Locate Public Charging Stations

Determine Eligibility for Special Decals

Clean Air Vehicle Decal

white decal

white decal

Find out if your car is eligible for single-occupant use of HOV lanes. California law allows for solo driving in carpool lanes for qualifying vehicles carrying a Clean Air Vehicle Decal.

TIP: You need to wait until you have your license plate and registration before your Clean Air Vehicle Decal Application is mailed in. Do not go to a field office.

Clean Air Vehicle Decal Website

Qualifying Vehicles


Understand Your Discounts & Perks

Utility Discounts

Contact your utility to find out if they have discounted electricity rates, or special assistance programs to help PEV owners get set up with home charging.

TIP: Ask about whole house time-of-use rates without having to install a meter, and work with your utility and electrical contractor during charger installation to ensure your meter is set up in accordance with the rate structure you have selected.

Electricity Rates & Utility Programs

Insurance Discounts

Contact your insurance company to find out if they offer any discounted rates for plug-in vehicles.

Incentives Search

Free or Preferential Parking

Find out if your city and those sourrounding you have programs that allow free or preferred parking for plug-in vehicles.

Incentives Search

See What Other PEV Drivers are Saying

PEV Blogs & Forums

You can learn a lot from other PEV drivers. There are many blogs and discussion forums that share experiences helpful for all PEV owners.

Focus Electric Discussion Forum

GM Volt Forum

iMiEV Discussion Forum

My Nissan LeafDiscussion Forum

Nissan Leaf Drivers Blog

Prius Owners Chat

Tesla Motors Enthusiasts Blog


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