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Clean Car Buyer Guides

ACEEE Greener Cars
This official web site for ACEEE's Green Book is a unique consumer resource providing Green Scores rating the environmental friendliness of every vehicle on market. ACEEE is a Washington, D.C.-based independent, non-profit research group dedicated to advancing energy efficiency as a means of protecting the environment and strengthening the economy.
A source for information on electric cars, hybrids and more
News, education, market updates and buying guide for hybrid vehicles.
Everything you need to know about charging, range, batteries, incentives and more - explained in plain English. The reference section is like an online users guide for electric cars and plug-in hybrids.

U.S Department of Energy Clean Citeis Program
Local chapters are working to displace the use of petroleum. They have developed many good resources and gudes on PEVs.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) Green Vehicle Guide
US EPA's information on greenhouse gas and air pollution scores for all cars on the market. Scores on based on a national scale rating scale. is maintained jointly by the U.S Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The site helps fulfill DOE and EPA’s responsibility under the Energy Policy Act (EPAct) of 1992 to provide accurate MPG information to consumers.

Electric Utility Rates & PEV Programs

Mobile Apps

Find and help update electric car stations all over the world. At CarStations, we are EV drivers too!

Eliminate range anxiety by locating ChargePoint® Networked Charging Stations on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

GreenCharge (from the makers of PlugShare) lets you take control of your electric car! Currently GreenCharge is only compatible with the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt.

PlugShare is the world's most popular app for finding electric vehicle charging stations!

Recargo is the EV community powered by you. Find electric vehicle charging stations nearby, plan trips, share photos, and stay connected with news from and the Recargo community.

Publications & Online News

A Guide to EV Ready Communities: Ready, Set, Charge California!
This guide provides public agencies throughout California with guidance on how to advance community electric vehicle readiness. It provides standardized policies, ordinances and best-practices, providing a consistent framework for deployment of EVs and EV infrastructure.

Car and Driver’s Hybrid Car Buyers Guide
Compare and read reviews on hybrid, alternative energy, and fuel efficient car models.

EV World
Online publication with news and information on advanced technologies using electric drive.

ZEV Action Plan
Identifies specific strategies and actions that state agencies will take to meet the milestones of the Governor's ZEV Executive Order.

ZEV Community Readiness Guidebook
The Guidebook from the Governor's Office highlights many aspects of ZEV readiness, including necessary infrastructure, planning and zoning, permitting guidelines, greening local fleets and encouraging consumers through incentives and outreach. It also includes a number of tools and templates, which are provided below in Microsoft Word format for your convenience.

Blogs & Discussion Forums

Trade Organizations, Associations, Partnerships & Initiatives

Advanced Energy
Reviews, analyzes and evaluates technical information submitted by commercial vendors, service providers and other interested parties on EVSE.

California Cars Initiative (CalCars)
A non-profit startup of entrepreneurs, engineers, environmentalists and consumers.

California Center for Sustainable Energy
A non-profit organization dedicated to Greening Your World.

California Clean Cars Campaign
A program set to bring the next generation of advanced, clean cars into the driveways of California’s families.

California Plug-in Electric Vehicle Collaborative
A multi-stakeholder public-private effort working together to ensure a strong and enduring transition to a plug-in electric vehicle market in California. The Collaborative includes elected and appointed officials, automakers, utilities, infrastructure providers, environmental organizations and others.

CALSTART provides news and information on electric, natural gas and hybrid electric vehicles, mobility systems and intelligent transportation systems.

Driving Electric
A nonprofit startup connecting current plug-in drivers with consumers who want to make informed decisions about their next vehicle.

Electric Drive Transportation Association
EDTA is an international association representing the interest of those involved in battery, hybrid and fuel cell electric drive technologies and supporting infrastructure.

Electrification Coalition
The Electrification Coalition is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit group of business leaders committed to promoting policies and actions that facilitate the deployment of electric vehicles on a mass scale in order to combat the economic, environmental, and national security dangers caused by our nation’s dependence on petroleum.
An information hub for plug-in electric vehicles.

Golden Gate Electric Vehicle Association
A Bay Area all-volunteer, not for profit educational, support, and advocacy group that promotes electric vehicles.

Greenlining Institute
Provides a Electric Vehicles for All: An Equity Toolkit to provide considerations and tips to create real access to EVs for underserved communities.

Natural Resources Defense Council
Provides information about plug-in electric vehicles.  

NESEA - Greener Vehicles on the Market
The Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) is a membership organization focused on promoting energy conservation and non-polluting, renewable energy technologies.

Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management (NESCAUM)
Comprised of 8 member states, including six New England States, as well as New York and New Jersey. Their purpose is to promote cooperation regarding air quality control among the member states.

Plug-In America
Mission to accelerate the shift to plug-in vehicles powered by clean, affordable, domestic electricity to reduce our nation's dependence on petroleum and improve the global environment.

Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG)
SACOG has developed a website to support EV drivers in the Sacramento Area.
Fostering the plug-in readiness of the Southern California Region by coordinating education and outreach; building necessary infrastructure, offering financial incentives such as rebates and rate discounts, streamlining permitting requirements, and other collaborative efforts that support PEVs in the region.

Union of Concerned Scientists
Clean vehicles information.

Virtual Vehicle Company
Virtual buying experience and test drive of PEVs to help potential consumers understand how PEVs would fit into their lives and costs.


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