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Dealers are often the first, and sometimes the only source of specific education and training about electric drive vehicles. Here are some resources to assist dealers in their PEV sales.

California Clean Vehicle Rebates

Eligible vehicles, amounts & guidelines for CA's Clean Vehicle Rebate Program (CVRP)

Real-time funding status reporting remaining funds available for CVRP rebates

CVRP rebate statistics interactive dashboard that can be filtered by consumer type, model, location and more

CVRP FAQs will provide general information and application guidance

CVRP Implementation Manual provides more specific program information

Contact the CVRP at 858-244-1177 (option 2) or 866-984-2532

Eligibility of rollback / unwind vehicles:

  • Demonstration Vehicles - Vehicles previously used as dealership floor models and test drive vehicles are eligible for the rebate if the vehicles have NOT been previously registered with the DMV.
  • Unwind Vehicles - Vehicles which were sold or leased but returned to the dealer before being rebated may be considered eligible for the rebate on a case by case basis. Dealers should contact the CVRP program as soon as possible in the case of a return.

HOV Lane Access white decal Green Decal

Eligible vehicles & estimated number of decals available

Local Incentives & Public Utility PEV Discount Programs

Search PEV incentives by zip code (including electric utility discounts)

Summary of state rebates and federal tax credit amounts for PEV models

Fleet Funding Resources

Grant opportunities available to fleets



Home Charging: Installation considerations and multi-unit dwelling options

Public Charging: Find charging stations in your area

Charging Costs: Electricity rates and utility assistance programs


EV Education & Dealer Training

Electric vehicle consumer & dealer educational videos

PEV sales dashboard providing data on plug-in vehicle sales

Electric Vehicles 101 provides a quick overview of different types of PEVs and fueling options

Governor's Geela Awards for ZEV Dealers geela

California's Geela awards reward efforts made by a California automobile dealer or dealership group to enhance and promote the sale of Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) within the state. Past awardees include:

2014: The Ford Store Morgan Hill (ZEV Promotion)

2013: Nissan of Downtown Los Angeles ( LEAF Dealer)   


FAQs & Myths: Top questions and myths regarding PEVs

Fact Sheets

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